The Original ConeChips

The Original Cone Chips are a enjoyable, delicious snack. They are crispy waffle cone chips dipped in a variety of different fine chocolates such as creamy dark, milk and white chocolate. They are topped with fresh dry roasted peanuts. The chips are great to dip and eat ice cream with a tasty rich chocolate flavor at your every bite.

Imagine the regular waffle ice cream cone and the chocolate filling at the bottom of it. The best part of the cone you want to save for your last bite. The Original Cone Chips offer you the best experience you will have in eating ice cream. Every time you dip them in your ice cream they will nourish your taste buds with a delectable, tasteful, rich chocolate flavor and a wholesome fresh peanuts. You will enjoy every single bite.

We are very excited to make a new introduction in the history of desserts.

ConeChips & Wine are a perfect combination.
Our premium dark chocolate and smooth creamy white chocolates are an awesome fit for a variety of fine wines.

Enjoy some today.



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The Original Cone Chips

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Cone Chips are Dip a licious!